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Average Bench Press By Age And Weight Accurate

The total quantity of your average bench press by age may be considered as a marker of your muscle strength. The bench press is a common exercise used in strength training, bodybuilding, and powerlifting.

One of three exercises that form the standard upper-body powerlifting routine, along with the close-grip bench press and the military press.

However, it’s just one part of the scenario. Max people in their 30s can bench press 90 percent of their body weight.

It may vary depending on a few factors.

What would be the average bench press by age?- In fact, there is no average bench because it all depends on the size and level of fitness.

There is an ongoing tradition that says a physically fit young adult male should be capable of bench press his proper body weight, or a bit less.

Considering the average adult male is out of shape, You would estimate the number is considerably less.

There is a chart in the image that demonstrates the average bench press by age weights body weight and fitness level.

Average Bench press Kg | Average Bench Press By Age

How Much Can The Average Man and Woman Lift
You could have the interest to work out with your max weight by using the fact human beings variety between reps and maxes.

You’re sixteen, weigh one hundred fifty-five and you can lift 225.
An average would be 150-175 and the average person weighs 175 lbs, but at large near to his own body weight.

Rey’s average is extremely low. It might be true to him because he gets a lot of guys that know they are weaker than average. That’s why they’re hiring a personal trainer.

100 is more like average bench press by age for a 16 yo boy and half your body weight would be more like average for a woman.

The fact in basic terms would not make the experience, yet neither does your occasion. In the case of women who have a miles better physique fat ratio.

So the female who’s 200lbs maximum probable additionally has greater fat than a guy who weighs 200lbs. While people are even likely to have greater vertex physique power.

Average Bench Press Starting Weight By Age

It depends on how old, and muscular you are? if you’re 17 and you weigh about 160 and you may usually lift almost 120 pounds on a regular basis.

But you can max out at 150 on a good day. Depends on, if it’s your first time lifting do about 100 pounds and act your way up from there.

Average Bench Press Kg By Age

Bodyweight has a large impact on the bench press. If you’re normal-sized and you did one “touch and go” rep of 70kg.

That’s average, but not too bad…That’s an alright weight.

The volume of weight you lift would be based on your target. Whether you’re a bodybuilder, you want to be fit to quite do 10-15 reps of the weight you’re lifting.

As a powerlifter, you like enough to choose a weight that you are able to just do 3-5 reps with.

Don’t worry about the weight that you can lift, and just lift the right volume for the number of reps that you want to do.

It creates a variety also if you’re performing pause bench or touch and go. Pausing at the bottom makes it a lot harder.

It is necessary for powerlifting. Let’s see here in fig- 2 the average bench press according to body weight kg.

How Much Can The Average Man Lift

That’s really hard to say. Because of the fact no longer all adult males are weight lifters so it does no longer be triumphant to be attentive to that same guy.
You firstly might prefer to increase what you could progress.

Since all the average man doesn’t lift or do much physical activity at all I don’t think anyone can really tell.

Lots of factors are also working here into it such as genetics and your environment.

Weight lifting literature tells that one works unto the goal of working out with 25% of standard bodyweight, i.e 45 lb for a 180 lb man.

It can be for a 20-minute, full-body workout of 10 to 15 exercises with 12 lifts (repetitions) of individual exercise.

We’re talking about the “1-rep max,” which is the maximum weight that can be lifted one time.

Beware of the deadlifts they are fit to do which cause intense returned injury and extensive injuries. Maximum adult males do no longer deadlift.

So these persons won’t be able to develop infrequently something on a dead develop.

Besides the fact that in case you could basically do one rep then it does not count your amount.

Perhaps, you will be able to intend to be waiting to do a least 10 reps in a row for it to count quantity as a weight.

Except you’re on a particular weight application yet you mustn’t be doing any weights you could basically do as quickly as on the grounds.

Which you’re somewhat basically unfavorable your muscular tissues rather of establishing them.

Basically, what it means is you are tearing them down yet they simply pass returned to what they have been in the past quiet.

Then you build up greater muscle to take the better weight.

I could say the adult guy can bench press (wisely) a hundred and fifty-250 lbs.
Submit to techniques no longer all adult males are weight lifters.

How Much Can The Average Woman Lift

According to their upper body strength, women are almost the same as men while in some cases they are weaker than their opposite gender.

As a woman’s body weight rise, so too should her strength. A woman who weighs 132 pounds.

For example, should be capable to lift normally more weight during the bench press than a lighter woman.

On average, a 132lb woman novice to weight training should be able to press 70 pounds.

Maximal weight guidelines approved lower weights for women. The suggested highest weight for women is 16kg for loads held at waist height.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines on lifting heavy objects at work.

Note that lifting an object weighing more than 50 pounds can result in injury, and offers advice on how to lift heavy objects safely.

But OSHA does not list individual lifting guidelines for male and female employees.

If applying these, no man should aim to lift anything heavier than 25kg, and a woman’s highest limit is 16kg.

Average Bench Press By Age For a 15 Years Old | How Much Should a 15 year Old Bench

At the age of 15, You’re about 137 pounds 5; 6 and can max out at 195. You also rep 155, 8 times.

For your average bench press by age and weight, this is remarkable!

It can say bodyweight bench is good pretty much if your average height, bodyweight benching is good until about 185.

After that, you should be benching more than just your body weight.

It depends on your size. The shorter people in your age group may only be able to get 100, or not.

Then some of the taller people will be able to get 200+, A few people might even get 300+.

So that is fair doubtful. However By any means, if you want to increase fast, start with your 1RM, and 2RM.
But others think, At 15 years old you should not be doing a bench press.

Because your body and your bones are yet growing. You may cause major injury to your body lifting too much weight stress on it.

You can only use lighter weights until you are about 16+.

Average Bench Press By Age For a 16 Years Old | Average Bench Press By Age

The average 16-year-old is just starting out lifting so their bench press isn’t very high…probably repping around 110lbs or so.

Although I’ve seen kids around that age that could barely do the bar and could do 275.

So it depends on genetics, diet, and how long the person has been training.

You should be happy with benching your weight but when you start to gain some weight, you will be getting stronger.

I know some 16-year-olds that can do like 225-240 range. They are big football players, probably the strongest 16 years olds.
But doing 85 lbs at 16 is nothing to be proud of that.

I would say the average for someone that doesn’t work out might be around 125-135 at 16 for a male. If you’re a girl then 85 lbs are good.

How Much Does a 17- Year Old Bench Press? | Average Bench Press For a 17 Year Old

Bench pressing is considered the most effective exercise for strengthening your pectoral muscles, which are located on your chest.

There are numerous benefits for bench presses which makes it an ideal exercise for teenagers. It will allow you to build muscle, strengthen your core strength, and boost the strength of your upper body.

The bench press can also be used to prepare for other exercises such as pushups. As a 17-year old, it is a good idea to incorporate some type of weight training in your routine to protect against injury or muscular weakness.

In order to help you find out what a 17-year old should be benching, we need to first break down the powerlifting standards for a 17-year old. There are a few different standards according to the weight of a 17-year-old. 

If the 17-year-old falls into the 70kg weight class, their average bench is going to be 53kg. If they fall into the 77kg weight class, their average bench is going to be 59kg.

Those who fall into the 85kg weight class will have an average bench of 66kg. The ones who fall into the 96kg weight will have an average bench of 74kg. 

Some 17-year-olds exceed the weight of 100kg. Those who fall into the weight class of 128kg will have an average bench of 105kg. At last, those who fall into the weight class of 116kg will have an average bench press of 120kg. 

Many people with goals to improve their strength and fitness level will choose to do bench press as a key exercise.

The best way for someone who is 17-years-old with goals to improve their strength and fitness level is to do bench press as a key exercise.

This is only one of the numerous reasons that 17-year-olds should perform bench presses. It’s also the most beneficial exercise for those with goals to increase their strength and endurance. 

What is The Average Bench Press By Age For a 21 Year Old

At 21 years old, your body is still new. Your muscles are still growing and developing. After all this time, your body is still trying to learn how to lift things. This is why it’s crucial to allow muscles the required time they need to grow and develop. Use this as an occasion to target and train your muscles the right way by doing some bench reps.

A typical bench size for males aged 21 will be 1.5 times their body weight. The typical bench for females who are 21 will be 1.0 of their body weight. The weight class will determine the amount the bench press will vary between 84kg and 165kg for males and 43kg to the weight of 76kg for women.

21 Year Males

For males of 53-66kg, the average bench press weight will be 84-108kg. For males of 74-93kg, the average bench press weight will be 118-136kg. For males of 105-120kg, the average bench press weight will be 145-153kg. 

As the weight classes grow as the weight classes increase, the average strength declines for males aged 21 years old.

21 year Females

For females of 43-52kg, the average bench press weight will be 43-55kg. For females of 57-69kg, the average bench press weight will be 59-69kg.

For females of 76-84kg, the average bench press weight will be 72-76kg.

Overall weight classes, The 47kg and the 52kg 21-year-olds have the best bench presses when compared with other bodyweight classes. The lifters who weigh 84kg are the least powerful bench press among 21-year-olds.


But it’s significant to consider other factors that can change the highest safe average bench press by age and weight.

Such as how high an object will need to be lifted. You may have to do eight-12 reps of a weight that exhausts you to your final rep.

If you settle upon weight and you don’t have any challenge getting to twelve, up it via five kilos or so.

Till it is difficult so that you can get that ending rep out. Of track, you have got to no longer compromise your type simply to raise heavier weights.

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