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5 Best Smartwatch Fitness Tracker That Really Cool in 2022

Yes! The best smartwatch fitness tracker is a particular market niche, but it is basically a smartwatch that is a fitness tracker.

Whether you want to track your steps, calories, and your activity level for indoor and outdoor activities, a smartwatch fitness tracker can be a great tool to help you get started on the road to better fitness.

However, it may be a daunting device for the uninitiated to use, especially if you’re new to fitness tracking. Luckily, several great smartwatches on the market that can put as many fitness apps at your fingertips as you need to get started.

These wearable devices are plentiful and readily available. Each of them is good in different aspects, and some even come with the promise of making fitness a lot more fun. Few of them, however, offer better quality.

So, our article is to discuss the 5 best smartwatch fitness trackers in 2022.

In this article, we are going to discuss the most wanted smartwatch fitness trackers of 2022 including their features, advantages, and disadvantages. We are covering how the fitness tracker can be helpful.

Also, we are answering the most asked questions related to the smartwatch fitness tracker to give you a perfect blending of information you might need. I have a feeling that you all are going to love this.

So, shall we start then?

1. Withings Steel HR Sport Smartwatch:

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Product info:

Withings Steel HR smartwatch is a multi-sport tracking device that can eventually monitor your heart rate variability. It can even monitor the time while you’re sleeping. The compatibility of this amazing watch makes this our 1st choice on our list. 


Brand- Withings Steel HR Sport. 

Weight- 0.13 Pounds. 

Item Dimensions- 10.43 x 0.51 x 1.77 inches. 

Color- White, Black. 

Material- Mesh. 

Case size- 40mm.

Components- larger display, silicone wristband with magnetic cable for charging, and ion batteries. 

Wireless Communication Standard- Bluetooth.

Warranty- up to 1 year. 

Users- Male-female both genders. 

Date first available in the market- 10th September 2018.


  • There are numbers on the watch face and it looks way too classy and stylish. 
  • You can even wear this watch during swimming time to record calorie burns. 
  • You can turn it into many different types of sport modes using GPS. 
  • The watch glass is scratch-free and can even handle heavy uses. 
  • You can spend more time using the watch rather than charging it for too long. 


All your personal information can be uploaded to the Withings site so it can bother your privacy a little.

2. Withings Pulse HR Sport Smartwatch:

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Product info:

Another withings’ collection of smartwatches attracted us for its amazing performance. It is equally great for sports or any activity tracking. This water-resistant health and fitness tracker belongs to the top smartwatches list. 


Brand: Withings Pulse HR Sport. 

Material- Synthetic. 

Colors- Black. 

Item Dimensions: 0.41 × 0.71 × 1. 75 inches. 

Weight- 0.09 Pounds. 

Batteries- 1 lithium-ion battery. 

Users- Male-female both genders. 

Components- batteries, wristband, chargers, cables. 

Wristband size- 17mm.

Warranty- up to 1 year. 

Date first available in the market- 16th April 2019.


  • This smartwatch uses a quick-release wristband (connected by two springs) that can fit any hand shape. 
  • It tells the time and shows your pace continuously while working or running. 
  • The watch automatically updates apps and syncs the data from time to time. 
  • Its compatibility is great and you even use the smart alarm if your connected phone is switched off. 
  • It uses a strap tracking algorithm optimized for wrist use to track your pulse accurately. 
  • You can even see the always-on display under the bright sun. 


  • You have to install apps before using this smartwatch before setup. 
  • It isn’t removable for clips on. 

3. SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 3:

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Product info:

Okay, so our 3rd choice is the smartwatch of SAMSUNG which is also one of the trending smartwatches of last year. This stylish smartwatch includes features like health monitoring, smartphone notifications, counting the time, and also tracking every activity. Overall, it’s fabulous while working! 


Brand- SAMSUNG. 

Item Dimensions- 11 × 3 × 2 inches. 

Screen Size- 45mm, 43mm.

Color- Silver, Gold, Black, Titanium. 

Users- Male-female both genders. 

Compatibility- iOS/Android devices.

Weight- 7.4 ounces. 

Components- a premium leather wristband with water-resistant glass. 

Batteries- 1 lithium-ion battery. 

Date first available in the market- 6th August 2020.


  • The band attached to the watch has military-grade durability that can resist any harsh uses. 
  • To track the exact fitness, it can monitor your heart rate and even the blood oxygen level you are consuming. 
  • You can use your watch 24 hours long by charging only once. 
  • It has an automatic sleep tracker which can help you to get a night of better sleep. 
  • The special feature of this watch is that it can monitor your stress level and guide you to reduce any breathing problems. 


  • The blood pressure additional feature is only compatible with Samsung phones, so other device users may not get the service. 

4. Fitbit versa 3 health and fitness smartwatch:

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Product info:

The Fitbit versa 3 smartwatch is the 3rd edition of Fitbit smartwatches. It stands at number 4 on our top smartwatches collection. It is equally water-resistant and durable at the same time. If you leave your smartphone at home you can still use this amazing watch to track your pace and distance. 


Brand- Fitbit.

Item Dimensions- ‎1.59 x 1.59 x 0.49 inches.

Color- Black/Midnight Black, Pink, Gold, Thistle. 

Batteries- 1 D lithium-ion batteries. 

Wireless communication standard- Bluetooth. 

Weight- 0.71 Ounces. 

Users- Male-female both genders. 

Components- built-in GPS for tracking, batteries,  wristband which can outstand scratches or any harm. 

Date first available in the market- 25th August 2020.


  • This smartwatch has the feature of a voice assistant (Alexa). 
  • The structure of it is classy and craftily designed. 
  • It step-counts / tracks your activity while jogging or walking even when you leave your phone at home.
  • The built-in mic and speaker can be used to attend calls or listen to music. 
  • The versa 3 smartwatch also count floors climbed.  


  • There is no fall detection feature. 
  • Though you can track your pace without your phone but can’t call or receive texts. 

5. Withings Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch:

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Product info:

Well, again comes a smartwatch from the Withings collection which attracts us for its amazing performance. This hybrid smartwatch serves a few special features that can record any activity including blood oxygen level. Even though it can track your sleep score to confirm your peaceful sleeping time! 


Brand- Withings. 

Color- White, Black, Rose gold. 

Item Dimensions- 9.69 x 1.42 x 0.51 inches. 

Weight- 0.09 Pounds. 

Material- Silicone. 

Warranty- up to 1 year. 

Wireless Communication Standard- Bluetooth. 

Screen size- 1.3 inches. 

Users- Male-female both genders. 

Components- Silicone wristband with a USB charger. 

Size- 36mm.

Date first available in the market- 20th June 2017.


  • This fitness smartwatch is definitely best for its features, as it can track your heart rate 24/7.
  • This watch is water-resistant and can be used to accompany you in the shower or pool.
  • It can automatically record your sleep which provides the user a good sleeping time.
  • You can easily change the bands of this watch to match your outfits.


  • Sometimes the apps and the tracker doesn’t sync accurately

Fitgilife Ask

How to set up a Best Smartwatch fitness tracker?

There are many fitness trackers currently on the marketplace. The problem is that they are hard to use and set up. You may be wondering if there is a tutorial online for this? We are certain to be able to assist you with this. For a quick set up of a smartwatch fitness tracker, all you have to do is-

  1. Open the Smartwatch Fitness Tracker 
  2. Connect to the USB port with the included USB cable 
  3. Plug the HDMI cable into the back of the Smartwatch Fitness Tracker 
  4. Turn on the Smartwatch Fitness Tracker 
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to walk the smartwatch fitness tracker.

How to use a Best Smartwatch fitness tracker?

To use a smartwatch fitness tracker, you should follow the guidelines given below-

First, you have to charge it with a USB charger after receiving it. After that, when it is fully charged, you can start wearing it on your wrist. 

To use perfectly, set the time and other features as you need. To do so, find the settings option in the fitness tracker.

For a good experience, try to set a goal that you want to reach. Consider, for example, the number of calories you intend to burn. It’s even better if you could somehow progressively boost the number. It can let your body lose the weight you want.

Lastly, we would like to suggest you keep wearing the fitness tracker smartwatch everywhere you go. It can track your activities more accurately and you can know exactly how much you gain/lose in a day! 

How do Best Smartwatches help with fitness?

A fitness tracker smartwatch is something that can track your activities and movement. They are great for making you fit and good motivators as well. They are often called time-saving devices.

You may be wondering, “These days smartwatches are very common, but do they really help with fitness?”

To let you know, a fitness tracker is a smartwatch that can monitor your heart rate 24/7 and can be completely connected to your smartphone. The connected app will help you track your calories burned, steps taken, active minutes, and quality of sleep. Thus, you can control your excessive calories and maintain your fitness well.

Along with that, a fitness tracker can also be used as a watch. It will help you to know the time exactly how a normal watch works. So, you can say this is a multi-tasking device.

What to consider before buying a best smartwatch fitness tracker? 

When you’re about to buy a smartwatch fitness tracker you must want the best for yourself. If you haven’t used any we wanna let you know that there are a few things you should watch out for before buying a smartwatch fitness tracker.

 The things we have shown below are the top needs of any smartwatch user. Try matching these “must-have things” with the watch you want to buy! 

Good Material- The quality of the material used in activity trackers is really the first thing to consider. Few materials are leather, metal, stainless steel, steel, etc. Stainless steel is the most desirable and inexpensive material among smartwatch users particularly compared to other materials. No doubt about its quality as this is the best! 

Compatibility-  Just make sure the fitness tracker smartwatch you want to buy has the option to be connected with your phone. It should be compatible with the smartphone you’re using. 

Durability- Smartwatch should be durable enough can withstand any harsh use, scratch, or harm. In more easy words, try buying a fitness tracker smartwatch with 1 or 2 years of warranty. 

Features- The features that should be available in a fitness tracker are shortlisted below: 

  • Water-resistant. 
  • Bluetooth. 
  • Alarms. 
  • Sleep tracker. 
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Visible display/ big dial.
  • Wrist band made with durable material

Battery Life-

Try buying a smartwatch fitness tracker with max battery life. We will suggest a smartwatch that can accompany you for a max of 16 to 18 hours. 

Final Verdict:

In short, the fitness tracker smartwatch is an amazing device, which is versatile and very stylish. It can be used for numerous purposes including working out, tracking calories, counting daily steps, getting notifications, answering calls, checking texts, playing music, etc.

 It’s incredibly easy to use, with a great interface. The Workouts app is incredibly comprehensive, offering a large variety of training options. It’s not perfect, of course, but with the upcoming updates, it will be even better.

 If you’re looking for a full-featured smartwatch that has fantastic health and fitness tracking capabilities, then looking for the important features we mentioned about the watch is the way to go.

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