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Best Performing Tennis Tips For Beginners (10 Tips)

You should learn the basic movements of tennis footwork and stroke motion technique at first as tennis tips for beginners. Nowadays beginners start with short-court rallying.

Learning to tap the ball to a partner on the same side of the net. While standing only a few feet from the net, how to progress to rallying over the net.

When your opponent impacts the ball, you should synchronize it quickly.

You should learn the basic movements of tennis footwork and stroke motion techniques.

Tennis Scoring Terms (Lessons) for Beginners

The game of tennis is played on a rectangular court with a net running across the center.

The objective is to hit the ball across the net which lands within the borders of the court and in such a way that your opponent becomes unable to return the ball to your side.

Every time when your opponent is unable to return the ball you will win a point.

How Do Tennis Points System Work | Tennis Tips For Beginners

Counting scores in a tennis match is risky. At first, the server’s score is announced before the receiver’s score throughout the game.

The system of points during a tennis match is given below :

• No points are scored = Love

• 1 point scored = 15 points

• 2 points scored = 30 points

• 3 points scored = 40 points

• 4 points earned = set point (set over)

• Tied score= All

• 40-40 = Deuce

• Server wins deuce point = Ad-In

• Receiver wins deuce point = Ad-Out

To win a game of tennis, the player must win at least two points ahead of his opponent.

If the score of the players is tied at 40 to 40 (Which is called “Deuce”), one of the players must earn two consecutive points (one is “Advantage” point and another is “Point”) to win the game.

If a player who has gotten an Advantage point loses the next point, the score will be once again “Deuce”.

A set is won when one of the players has won a minimum of 6 games with a two game advantage ahead of his opponent.

For example, the possible score for a six game set may be 6 – 0, 6 – 4, or 6 – 2 but it can’t be won with 6 – 5.

If the score is tied at 5 – 5, a player must win 2 consecutive games to win the set.

Top 10 Basic Rules Of Tennis For Beginners

  • The ball must land inside the boundary for play to continue; if one of the players hits the ball outside of the boundary, they are going to lose one of their points.
  • During the match, the players cannot touch the net or posts or cross onto their opponent’s side.
  • The players cannot carry the ball or catch it with the racquet.
  • The ball cannot be hit two times in a row.
  • The players must wait until the ball passes across the net to their side before they can return it back.
  • If a player doesn’t return the ball before it bounces twice on their side will lose the point.
  • If the ball hits or touched by the players, that will be counted as a penalty.
  • If the racquet of a player leaves the hand during the match or one of the players starts verbally abusing each other, a penalty will be given.
  • If the ball bounces on the lines of the boundary, it will be considered good.
  • The serve must bounce first before who is receiving it can return it back.

10 Effective Tennis Tips (lessons) For Beginners

Quality Of The Rackets

There are a huge amount of rackets to choose from, with the standard one, even at the lower end of the scale.

Rackets for beginners and the junior-sized ones are kind of inexpensive.

But you should not just go for the cheapest — choose one that perfectly matches your body and your grip size.

You can also ask for advice from the sales assistant. Don’t assume that once the string has broken the racket is useless and should be thrown away.

If the racket is a good one, it should be worth having it re-strung and having the tension adjusted which suits your play.


Most of the beginners ask, “I’ve neither a partner nor a coach, so how can I improve my tennis?”

The easiest and most effective way is probably using a ball machine. it’s a necessary part of the practice.

By using a ball machine you can hit the same type of ball (low backhands for instance) over and over again and fully master that one shot.

If you want to practice ‘no missing ball’ then you may use a practice wall. It’s great for any level player, pro players use the wall indeed.

The most important part of practice tennis is that players spend the most amount of their alone time hitting serves.

Take Some Lessons

To become an effective match player you can take some lessons.

For example, how to hit your shots while moving as any decent opponent, will keep balls out of your comfort zone.

This will stop you from picking up bad habits and give you the opportunity to meet people of a similar standard.

Do some research into your local sports centers and tennis clubs to find out what they have on offer.

Warm-Up and Cool-Down

For junior advanced players who train for 2-3 hours, a common recommendation from ITF and sports scientists is that the warm-up should take at least 30-45 minutes.

The purposes of the warm-up are to prepare the body tissues to optimally respond to the exercises.
To prepare both physiologically and psychologically, the whole organism for the high load of the main part of the practice.

To prevent injuries that come from the improper condition of a player.

Some light jogging, stretching of your arms and legs could be involved. This part of the training consists of a general warm-up and a specific warm-up.

Stay Refreshed

As a good source of carbohydrates and potassium, most of the players eat bananas while playing matches.

They eat this when their energy levels are low or they experience some muscle cramps during a long match.

As an integral part of his diet, Federer has only had one meal before his matches — pasta.

He’s also a well-known fan of pizza. For breakfast, the Swiss tennis player prefers fresh juice, homemade waffles, and coffee.

The following diets can be your pre-match meals:

  • A turkey or chicken sandwich with veggies.
  • Pasta with butter.
  • A yogurt parfait with berries and granola.
  • Bananas and fresh fruit.
  • A bagel with low-fat cream cheese.

When professional tennis players change ends, they usually consume water to prevent themselves from dehydration under the hot sun.

They also drink electrolytes and other energy drinks to burn more sugars in order to produce more energy. Often drink from two different bottles.

“Most of these drinks are scientifically engineered to have the best absorption in your body, providing energy, electrolytes, and fluids when you need them most,” says Susan M.

Hitting the Tennis Ball

Aim to hit the ball at waist height. It’s very important to hit cleanly and perfectly. After it has bounced and is on its way down after it’s reached the highest point in the air, hitting the ball on the edge of the stringbed or the frame itself is one of the worst feelings in tennis. If done over and over again can lead to injuries due to the vibrations that occur when you make contact off-center.

Improve Your Speed

The main physical qualities of tennis players are speed and quickness. Strength also plays a very important role.

It is perhaps the most vital determinant of your performance during a tennis match.

If you can get to the ball quickly and are in a good position to hit it, you can increase your chances to hit the ball well, and possibly win the point.

Speed is not limited to only running; it is involved in the movement of the limbs and body in different actions. Skipping with a rope will improve your footwork and coordination.

The Right Grip

There are different types of grips for essential strokes in tennis. The most common grips used by beginners include the Continental, Eastern, and Semi-Western. The butt of your racket is shaped like an octagon, and players typically use the eight sides, known as bevels. To navigate the different grips, these days, tennis grips are related to changing equipment and court surfaces to help shape the progression of our sport. So you should know exactly how to form each grip.

Improve Your Stamina

Special stamina and endurance are needed if you want to be successful and complete your best.

Don’t consider how fast you are around the court if you’re flagging after only a few no of games.

Building stamina for tennis involves interval training, strength training, and warming up before every match or practice.

Take One Point at a Time

Are you losing point after point?

It may take some time to move things up to change the pace of the game.

If your first serve is consistently a powerful hit to the corner of the service box that is wonderful.

An easy way of doing this is by serving your “second” serve first. Especially if you have lost the previous point, and focus on the point you are currently playing.

Getting angry or disappointed doesn’t help you play one step ahead. Doing so can often lead to someone becoming so angry that they can fail absolutely – this is mentioned as ‘tilt’.

It is a common term known in many sports where emotion overturns a cool, quiet and collected approach.

8 Mistakes Made In Tennis And How To Avoid Them | Tennis Tips For Beginners

Never Assume the Ball Is Out

Many people say, “I play typically assume my ball is going long”. They abruptly stop moving and so the ball falls in.

They’ll generally say something like, “I assume that ball was going 5 feet out!”

In tennis, it’s a wise move to never assume the ball is going on unless it’s blatantly obvious.

It’s better to play the ball and hit it, even though you’re thinking that it may go out. If you are taking a swing, you can still call it out.

But if you do not swing and the ball goes in, then you’ve lost the point for sure.

A technique to bypass this mistake is to just run down everything. It’s a decent drill and habit to get into anyway.

Practice Like You Play

A friend of mine who was sort of a mentor to me early on used to say, “you practice as you play.” This means you should practice as hard as you play.

Unfortunately, I don’t see several players heeding that advice. When I first started to play tennis, I would practice very nonchalantly.

But I noticed that to maximize my practice sessions, I must practice as hard as I worked in matches. When I did, my game evolved, and I saw noticeable improvements.

The next time you’re on the practice court, be intense and focused. The practice is your time to improve, not goof off.

Focus On The Process, Not The Results | Tennis Tips For Beginners

Whenever you play a match, you always play to win. However, players tend to focus all their thoughts on winning instead of the execution of a game plan.

Instead, you should think about what strategies you need which helps to win your points.

It should prevent you from tightening up on big points and keep you focused on the best strategy instead.

Focus On Long Term Development, Not Short Term Gain

Every single human being wants results when he/she wants them now. This type of mindset hinders long-term growth.

Rather than trying to win today, concentrate on developing your game so you can compete and beat the best years down the road once it really counts.

Don’t Consider Anyone Unbeatable

Most of the matches you play. There may be some players you beat every time you play with them.

Other players also may beat you every time. And sometimes against some players, it’s a toss-up on who plays better during the game.

For those players who always beat you, you should never assume you are going into the match and the outcome is absolute defeat.

It will be wise to think always positively, construct a decent game plan and try to execute it throughout the whole match.

If you don’t think that you can beat your opponent, you have given up before the match even began.

Remember that your every opponent is human. You should tell yourself before every single match that you can and will beat your opponent.

You should always be confident. You are gonna make the big shots when it actually counts. Give it everything you have.

Get A Line Judge Against A Cheater | Tennis Tips For Beginners

Do not let cheaters screw you over. If you think that your opponent is making bad line calls, you must request a tournament official immediately.

The mistake many people make is not getting a line judge sooner (or at all).

If you give cheaters the benefit of the doubt too many times, you could be setting yourself up to be cheated big-time on an extremely important point.

Avoid Playing Matches When Changing Your Technique | Tennis Tips For Beginners

When you make some changes in your technique, sometimes your level will decline only for a period.

With some practice, you will start to get comfortable with the new technique and you may even be a better player after the change.

A very important thing you have to learn is not to play matches while in the middle of making big changes to your technique.

You may end up resorting back to what’s comfortable during the match and sabotaging your new technique.

Or, if you utilize the new technique throughout the match and if it doesn’t work well, you may find yourself believing that it’s unusable and scrap it prematurely.

Don’t Play The Same Players All The Time | Tennis Tips For Beginners

Most tennis players I know get stuck playing with the same people over and over again. This depends on the level of comfortableness of certain players

If you are only looking for exercise or enjoy playing with a particular person, then that’s great.

But if your goal is to improve your skills in tennis as fast as possible, the best choice will be to compete with as many different players as you can find.

Tennis is an extremely wonderful sport because no two players are the same.

Each player brings a different style to the table which is unique and cannot be copied by anyone else in the world.

Some players hit hard, others are more consistent. Some may like to crash the net and some may avoid it like the plague.

Some types of players have big serves, some have tricky ones, and others may use great placement.

If you want to fulfill your potential in tennis, you should face as many different styles and players as possible.

No doubt, most of your success in tennis to those hundreds of different players who you faced over the years.

At last

When you get in a tough situation against a player during a match, you can usually recall a player who has a similar style.
You can easily determine the best game plan with the help of tennis tips for beginners.
The experience you get from playing with a wide range of players is invaluable.

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